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Beta I am the most proficient maths as well as physics teacher u would have ever known. I will impart a different type of vision in you of maths and physics that will make u fall in love with learning. I am pass out from Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Bokaro Steel City,one of the most reputed schools in Bokaro. I will cover all of your doubts and queries irrespective of the time bound ation. I will spend extra time on you for completing the purpose of learning. I teach 5 days a week for 1 hour. The more time u will spend with me,the more u will get to know about different aspects of everything u need to know. I will also give u a glimpse and reference of the future syllabus and future requirements.for eg.-concept of linear equations that u will study in lower classes will help u throughout lifetime and same in case of unitary method . I will try to inculcate attitude of diligence in you by giving all the interesting knowledge that is present inside me. Hope u will learn, earn and make me proud and your family. Best wishes.



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Great website! We found a caring and humble home tutor for our daughter. She likes studying with the home tutor.

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I used to struggle with maths. After getting a home tutor I am doing maths very easily and topped my class.

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Earlier I am too worried about my kids addiction to Mobile & TV. Now when home tutor comes home to teach they study perfectly!

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Teaching is my passion and working as a home tutor supplements my income as a school teacher. Awesome home tutoring service!

— Bhavani

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Taking up home tuitions as a home tutor boosts my income I earn from college as a lecturer. I liked your ability to find students to teach near my home.

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Yahoooo! I earned my first salary as home tutor even before completing my M.Pharmacy. Thanks to HomeTutorSite.com!!!


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High Charges: They charge 50% of first month tuition fee. Some agencies charge 20% to 30% of tuition fee every month.

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Slow & Unreliable: They have limited number of tutors/tuitions hence the process is slow. Also tutors need to pay commission to the agency. So tutors usually discontinue tuitions.

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Refund Policy: They do not entertain any refunds.